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Banking Alliance

Public Banking Benefits YOU!


Our Mission

The Oregon Public Bank Alliance is a network of activists and organizations working to create community-focused public banks in Oregon. We were originally named the Portland Public Banking Alliance, but we've expanded our goals from municipal public banks to a state bank to ensure that all Oregonians benefit from the economic stability and prosperity that comes from public banking.

The North Dakota Example

When the Great Recession magnified the financial problems in the United States, many noticed how North Dakota weathered the storm better than any other state in the nation. Why? Because the Bank of North Dakota creates economic stability and resilience at the local level and across the state. It serves the public good, not private interests. Since then, many states have worked to create public banks, and we are working to make sure that Oregonians benefit from these time-tested institutions as well.

In one sentence, why should I support public banking?

Public banking stretches our tax dollars by reducing the cost of financing projects by as much as half, leaving more money available for other public services and reducing the overall tax burden of the People.

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